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With Tombstone Transcriber, it's easy to transcribe digital images of headstones into text files and html links for your Internet pages.

If you're like most of us, until now you've been using a spreadsheet to record the information found on a headstone, converting that data to a file format that can be accessed by a wide variety of users (like HTML), and then manually linking every photograph to an individual name (or more than one). Once you've done this for even a very small cemetery, you know how time-consuming it is to transcribe and post pictures of headstones. When you start using Tombstone Transcriber, you'll quickly decide, as we did, that the old way is as outdated as a rotary phone.

Tombstone Transcriber is easy to use and allows you to transcribe headstone photographs with little effort. Once you are finished transcribing the photographs, Tombstone Transcriber can then turn your transcription into a text file, which you can print or upload to the Internet. Tombstone Transcriber can also create an HTML file that contains the names that were transcribed (you can also decide to include other information) with links to the pictures.

With Tombstone Transcriber you can ...

Hundreds of hours went into developing and testing Tombstone Transcriber, making it the best available application for transcribing cemetery tombstone data. Tombstone Transcriber is available by subscription for an annual fee of only $25. This fee helps offset the cost of development, the cost of storage space for data on the server, and the cost of protecting the data by backing it up.

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